Bonavista Baby!!!!

Michael Ryder of Bonavista with the ultimate prize!

I'm a Boston Bruins fan.  You didn't know that?  You mean somebody out there didn't hear that blood curdling scream from me back in June the night that they (massacred the overbearing and over-cocky Vancouver Canucks) won the Stanley Cup?

Yeah..that was me.  That was not a cat and a moose mating.  They do sound similar though so I understand your confusion. 

So now Michael Ryder from Newfoundland is bringing the Stanley Cup to Bonavista Newfoundland on August 30th and I'm already planning the day! 

Here is a big secret.  You heard it first here.  Get ready for it!

True happiness is when your team wins the Stanley Cup

Frig all the stuff about happiness being a choice and that it's up to you.  I take it all back.  You really just have to win the cup.  Seriously! 

Okay,  I'm kidding but it sure does help!

Still,  I'm so bloody happy this year because they(we and I know I had a hand in this) finally did it!  This year was  my hockey year.  This time my team was the victor.  This time I get to celebrate and be crazy and wear a great big B on my chest and root for a bear with a beer.  Oh the pride.  Oh the happiness. Oh the party!

The tears.  The joy.  The "up yours" to the Habs and Philly and even the Canucks and Philly and the Habs again but especially Philly! (I can forgive the rioters though..I would have rioted if we had lost..I had plans to toilet paper a tractor and tip a cow if they'd won instead of my Big Bad Bruins)

So on August 30th I'm in Bonavista.  I  shall be cheering loudly and weeping like the sap I am.  Yes I'm a raging hockey fan and this year was special.  The best.  So completely the best.  It was so darned  special in so many ways it can't be formed into words.

And this is how I'll celebrate.  Well one of the ways because I don't think I'm ever gonna stop!

Now for some online shopping at the Bruins store!  Because I love shopping!  This kind anyway!

Go Bruins!

Go Bruins!  See you in Bonavista Stanley!