And we'll have fun fun fun!

On Canada Day I took the girls to an art show in St. Mary's Ontario!  On the wall of the building there is a mural.  The girls started to insinuate themselves into scenes on the wall of the brick building and I snapped photos of their fun.  Then Martina made up a story to match.  I think it's very clever.

This is my friend Bobby!

My mommy was with me but she had to go shopping

My sister and I needed to have an adventure.  But stealing bikes is bad.

We want our friends to come on an adventure with us.  I wonder if anybody is home!

Oh my goodness!  The train is coming!

Thank goodness this dog rescued us just in the nick of time!  Good doggie!

Our mommy yelled to us"Be careful around the tracks" and we yelled back "ok" and thought it best not to mention our close call!

Sophia punched Bobby in the nose because he said a bad word.  His dad gave me a  high five because he had it coming!

While Sophia was high-fiving his dad..I gave Bobby a kiss on the nose to make it better!

I really kind of like Bobby.  I wish Sophia did too!
Perhaps she really does!
Isn't that wonderful!  I think that perhaps the greatest joy on earth is watching children play.  When their absolute fun and creative side comes out naturally and with complete inspiration it's like watching the best movie or play that you've ever seen.  I love this so much I may make a little story book for them out of the pictures and text as a keepsake! 

Perhaps that's why I'm so whimsical and silly much of the time.  Spending time with these two little girls would bring out the kid in anybody!  I adore them and they are my daily entertainment! 

I am so looking forward to this summer!  I love having them home and I adore having the freedom to go places and do things with them.  I'm truly blessed!

My happiness factor is off the scale!


April said…
How super adorable and sweet! So awesome, I love it.
Hi Carolyn and Dear Babies: The best part of being one of the artists at the ST MARYS' ART in the PARK show, (besides having people look at a part of us), was watching the children get up close to the art.

They went back n forth between the pieces pointing out which ones they liked best. Then the adult with them found another one that called to their senses and off to the to the voting table they went because what THEY LIKED MATTERED.

Viewers' Choice has been named, it was a runaway for the brightly coloured driftwood village created by artist Nancy Plummer, 2nd choice was Rosemary Radcliffe's Miss Apple Tree was Adored by Mr Moon and 3rd choice - Nancy Harper's Golden Oak on Sparkling Bay.

Thank you for writing such a wonderful poem to go with my painting and posting them both here for all to enjoy.

I can't wait to get at the next painting which you girls have 'modeled' for:)

See at Ladies Lunch Wednesday - LUV Nancy
Nancy! I was partial to the driftwood piece because it had the St John's' flavour! But I voted for your Mother Nature because I love her so! I didnt' see Rosemary's stuff darnit!

I am so looking forward to Wednesday!