Updates and Stuff!

Just a short update post.

Letting you all know that I've got the fever!

Bieber fever that is. Justin Bieber is home. It's big news.   I drove by where he was while explaining to little girls about privacy and respect and I hope others take care to treat him and his adorable girlfriend that way as they spend time with his family this week.  Then I tweeted him hello  from the girls just to make the kids happy.  It worked.  They were satisfied. 

Yep that's the big news. Not much going on bigger than the Biebs coming to town.

My reading/book signing as an invited author as part of the St. Mary's Storytelling Inc.'s Once Upon a Thames Storytelling Festival on Saturday morning at the St. Mary's Public Library is small news.    But It's Exciting to me as I read some of my poetry and a little bit from my book but not Bieber-exciting nosirree!  

My surprise conversation on The Innernet Diva's radio show was also nowhere near as exciting as Selena and Justin strolling around the Avon in Stratford feeding the ducks.  But it was exciting to me and a heck of a lot of fun.

Plans are well underway to move to NL in about a month.  What an undertaking.  Well worth the effort but somewhat daunting.  Don't expect much in the way of blogging for the next while though I do have some almost finished posts ready to schedule so I won't disappear completely.  It appears that I will be in my home town of Change Islands at exactly the same time that I was last year.   I'm looking forward to walking some of the same trails and climbing some of the same hills I did a year ago.  I don't think anything will be as magical as that trip was but perhaps it'll be close.  And who knows, perhaps it'll be better!  The milky way still lowers itself each night like a starlit blanket and the ocean will still be that remarkable blue that I've rarely seen in any other setting.  I'll dream under the North Star and become inspired by the setting sun.  I believe in magic.  It's that place that makes me believe, so why not?

Nope nothing as exciting as Justin Bieber coming to town, just regular life for a regular family.  Just the way I like it.

Oh,  wait, this is exciting.  I made the best chocolate chip cookies ever yesterday!  They were fantastic!  They are all gone and I only had two!  Now that's better than Bieber!

I'm including a link to the radio player.  For email subscribers just copy and paste the url link into your web browser and find it there.  It's all about "letting go of your but" and recognising and getting past the excuses we often make for not doing the things we want to do.  It is a wonderful topic and I hope you enjoy it and I hope it helps you realise and move past the excuses you make for not going after all the things you really want in life!

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Dreaming your dreams is fun, living your dreams is essential
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