Sui Generis Magicae

Sui Generis Magicae

There is great magic on the earth
and in the deep blue skies
though it's scoffed about and ridiculed
as silly and unwise

But how can any doubt this world
has mystic operations
when there are those
who manifest unexplained creations?

Does not the moon rise all the eves
and sun rise all the days?
Does not the wind blow invisible
and sweep the dust away?

Does not the electricity that flows or
the magnet's mysterious attraction
prove that there may be alchemy
 that we are yet to fathom?

The enigmatic premise
that we know all the mystery
has been drowned by scientific truth
in the cascading flow of history

Within each soul is such a force
a tornado of possibility
creating worlds of wonderment,
promise and opportunity

Just think it so and it shall be
the seeds of thought are growing
and what you ask will come to you
when belief becomes a knowing

Your own distinctive power
lies in your ability to say
I am the one who weaves my spells
with my sui generis magicae

The best magic is always performed while wearing a cowboy got it...I have no words of wisdom today so I went with silly!