Do Not Be Afraid

Do Not Be Afraid

Do not be afraid my wayward one
of the ghosts and demons that haunt
and don't let your torturous mind  dwell upon
those monsters that torture and taunt

Do not be afraid of the flames that burn high
you struck most of the matches yourself
 a pyromaniac learns to walk from the fire
before he becomes fully engulfed

Do not be afraid of the hurt that you felt
from the words that cut deep like a blade
the one who offered such cruel sentiments
regrets all the words that were said.

Do not be afraid of crying your tears
for they relieve the despair of the ache
that holds a soul hostage with anger and guilt
they'll cleanse you of every mistake

Do not be afraid of being alone
when the long night crawls in dark and deep
for I am here to always be there
to help you to fall back to sleep

Do not be afraid of the bend in the road
for the bend's a new mystery to solve
and around ever corner embrace that it's time
for the rest of your life to evolve

 Fear is simply a thought.  To get rid of it.  Stop thinking it.

Carolyn R. Parsons