The Clock With No Hands

This Painting has such a story;  I shall tell it soon!  Painted by artist Nancy Harper, inspired by actress Denise Fergusson!

The Clock with No Hands

I wait while the clock with no hands
ticks no tocks while its chime rings no bell
I suppose that the time still passes
even if there is no way to tell

I have tea in a cup made in China
I eat biscuits and wait for a clue
but the clock with no hands will not tell me
what time I'm to meet up with you

I've sensed you also are staring
at the clock with no hands that go round
as we sit here our backs to each other
waiting for an alarm that won't sound

My eyes stare hard at the space
that is the vacant face of the clock
wondering if there'll ever be a tick
that is followed by some kind of tock

Meanwhile I sip on the tea
held in my own glove covered hands
and taste the flavour that's offered to me
that will sustain me until I can make plans

For the time when the clock with no hands
finally tells me it's time to go see
the one who sits backwards behind me
and calls himself my destiny

The idea that you live in the universe is untrue;  The universe lives in you for everything flows through your own filter including the mirage of time.


"Timeless", in a word.
How is my dear friend Carolyn?
Best wishes and hugs ~ Eddie x
tracy blackwood said…
Great poem. Inspiration comes from so many external triggers. It is how it affects us on the inside that creates true art!