The Big Red Ball of Fire!


Three Princesses;  Burlington Sounds of Music Festival

I would love to have one of these in my backyard!

Martina's friend..seemed like a good egg to me

Yes.  I stopped and smelled it.

Sometimes it just gets away from me.  Life that is.  It has been a whirlwind few weeks that started with a really strange occurrence.  This big round ball of fire appeared in the sky one morning.  I'm not sure what it was.  I stared at it at first.  Confused.  Then I had to look away because it was so powerful.  It looked like fire.  It started to appear every morning and I went out every day checking it out.  Soon I noticed strange things happening.

My mood lifted.  I was no longer cranky.  I could sense that although this round object looked like fire it was a good fire with healing qualities.  I spent a lot of time just basking in it.

After a few days of this I noticed my skin started to take on a different appearance.  A glowing golden look that was kind of nice when I put some coconut oil on it.  I also noticed some leaves appeared on the trees and some grass growing.  Then I thought perhaps..if grass could grow, maybe flowers I planted some.  My neighbours did the same and now it's just a beautiful colourful paradise in my neighbourhood!  What a miracle!

My mood was so great I started going for daily bike rides through parks and around town just feeling the strength in my legs build and the happiness in my heart increasing.

My kids started to do the same and we now enjoy twice daily bike rides.

It's been an odd thing but this ball of fire still seems to rise every day and go away every night.  I was hesitant at first to write about it for fear that people would scoff and call me crazy.  I mentioned it to a few people in the east and they said they wish they had such a thing there but so far it hadn't shown.  In the cave drawings and the archives of the history of Canada it seems this has happened in the past so perhaps it's normal.  I can only say it's rather fascinating and interesting to be a part of this wondrous phenomenon.

That aside life has been very standard.  Happy of course!  Is there any other way to live?  We have had a great time. I've been to London(Ontario) with the kids and Burlington(Ontario) for a music festival with my kids and friend Lauren(aka The Hussy) and seen some of my favourite bands performed.  I've lunched in coffee shops with interesting people,  had huge family dinners for father's day and my daughter's birthday and worked hard to keep the house tidy as people come through to view it.  A low offer was refused but we continue to have people through occasionally and know it'll sell when it sells.

Tonight I'm going to a poetry gathering in St. Mary's Ontario where I'll listen to some poetry and maybe share some of my own!  I'm excited!

Novel writing has taken a bit of a back burner as I wrap up some loose ends for the Nutritional Snack Program that I have coordinated.  I will likely be living elsewhere in September so I want the new coordinator to have an easy transition into this new project.  I leave for Newfoundland soon(finally) and that is when I will get working on the novel again.  I am excited to finally write the story that is in my brain begging to be told.  I also have a non-fiction book in the works.  So I will be on Change Islands for a few weeks and head to St. John's near the end of July to hit George Street and visit my sister and shop for a home in the area.  I cannot even explain how excited  I am.  I've promised them I'll try to bring along that big ball of fire that I see every morning.  They're happy about that!

Here is the most exciting news for me.  I will soon be contributing twice monthly articles to an online magazine in a section devoted to promoting the area I live in.  Since I will be living in Newfoundland I will write about all I do, the people I meet and the places I visit.  I will include photos and can even include videos and paintings and  poetry.  This is a nice paying position that will enable to me to write and work at home on all my other projects!  With both kids going to school in the fall full time I shall devote all my energy to writing and books of all sorts shall soon be published.

I also have had a second collection of poetry accepted for publication.  The tentative publishing date is October 1, 2011 and it is a love story in poetry with all of its ups and downs. 

I hope to continue to contribute to this page.  My email subscriptions keep climbing in numbers and my followers also seem to be on the increase.  So you like it apparently!  I also enjoy writing here in this space.  It is my "other" journal that doesn't have the angst and fire of my personal one but is so important as my place to share publicly some of my thoughts and feelings.

So a boring little update but more poetry, some excerpts and ponderings are to come again on a regular basis.

I have had some very engaging discussions lately with different people about how the negativity of others can interfere with your own life.  I came to the conclusion that it can only do that if you allow it.  If you remember always that within every human at their source..their centre..their soul if you only pure love.  If you meet them and see that aspect of them there is no way they can bring your energy down to their level and it is very likely you will bring them higher.

I have been practicing this lately and someone commented to me just yesterday, "I can't help but be happy in your company." and it reinforced for me that bringing light and seeing light all contribute to a happier space where others are lifted up with you rather than you brought down with them.

Enjoy your day.  You really don't need that big ball of fire in the sky for light.  The brightest light of all is you at your essence.   Smile and know you are the sunshine of your life and it's up to you how much rain and fog you choose to live in.

Let the sun shine OUT!