You! Let's Talk about You!

But first.  Let's talk about me!

Ha! Tricked you!  No really, I promise this is about you.  The me part is just to set this up.  Pinky swear!
Today I did one of those silly Face Book quizzes.  I usually bypass them but this one was called "Which one word describes you?" and I can't resist words so I did the quiz.

This was my result!


You are seen as having a dazzling appearance. When you walk into a room, people stare. Some other words that describe you: dazzling, gorgeous and magnificent.

What an incredible word!  My new favourite one for sure!
Here is my question though?  How the hell did Face book know?  I mean this is so accurate it's scary.  It is completely and utterly uncanny how they nailed that, just dead on.  I mean I am resplendent! 
But enough about me. Let's get on to you now!
Imagine if you felt resplendent.  Imagine if you walked around all the time feeling magnificent, gorgeous and dazzling?  Wouldn't that be amazing?  What if you just knew you were.  Just like you know you have dark hair or blue eyes or anything else that you know is the truth about you?
Now..what actually are?  Think about that for a minute.  What if all this time you've been walking around under the delusion that you're just ordinary.  Just a regular person with nothing special going on.  What if all this time the things you thought were special~prestige, talent, giftedness, success, money, fancy clothes, cars, travel etc~ were not the things that make you resplendent?  Because if they are and you don't have them or don't attain them or lose those things..does that remove your resplendentness? (is that even a frigging word?  Oh well.)
So here it is.  I am here to tell you that you are!  You're all fucking amazing.  How do I know?  Well because, when I look at humans I see them differently than many other people.  I approach them differently and every single time, without exception, I see a magnificence that is mind blowing. 
You see, you people(just like me) go around and do all sorts of odd and funny things, behave in all sorts of crazy ways.  But the motivation is always the same.  You do these things in an effort to be happy.  Because you, all of you, seek, without failure one single thing.  To be happy.  You only wish on your time on this earth, to find relief and joy in life.  In addition to that, I know, that without exception, every single one of you has the capacity in every single second, to find that joy without doing one single thing except knowing and feeling it!

Here is the remarkable thing about you.  You all have, inside of you, the capacity to be happy without doing a damned thing.  You don't need any of the stuff you think you need to be happy.  Happiness is a choice.  Once you know that you are resplendent,  just as I know you are, then you will just be happy because it is impossible to be resplendent and not be happy about it.

How do I know this?  Because I have proof of it.  I live it. I also see it in many people who are in my life.

Do you think I'm happy because everything in my life is perfect?  I can hear you out there saying "easy for you, your life is so wonderful" and I say, yes it is.  But not because of anything I have or own or do or accomplish.  Not because I have money or power or a nice car or beautiful children or a great family or a I wrote a book.  These are all nice things but they're not why I'm happy.

I am happy because I know, just like Face Book knows, that I am resplendent.  Who knew that Face Book was such an oracle of truth!  This is way better than Farmville!

Seriously.  Have you ever paused a moment and just thought about the miracle that is you?  You have a consciousness, a mind, the ability to love and create children and to walk on this amazing planet and not float off into space.  You are surrounded by billions of other miracles just like you.  There are beautiful plants and trees and oceans.  The earth is resplendent.  The universe is resplendent and the fact that you are here, a miracle amongst miracles is reason enough to be happy!

And wow!  YOU got to be human!  You get to taste water and feel the sun on your skin.  You get to smell a flower and create art and read books.  You get to fly in airplanes and hold hands and make love!  Yes. YOU get to do all of that.

So don't try to tell me you're not resplendent. You can't convince me you aren't no matter what you get up to!

If I had one wish it would be for every person on the planet to just know this.  And for them to know that all of those around them are as well.  To know that they are incredible and a downright  miracle.  I think it would change the world.

You ARE resplendent.  You have a dazzling appearance. When you walk into a room, people stare. Some other words that describe you: dazzling, gorgeous and magnificent.

At least that's what you are when you walk into a room I'm in.  And remember, I'm the self-proclaimed Queen of the World.

Have an incredible week!

You are a miracle! Live like one!
Carolyn R. Parsons


Karina said…
thank u :D But according to fb I am Benevolent!!! :)