Walk With Me Lover

Walk With Me Lover

Walk with me lover on cobbles and foot paths
through brambles and bushes and soft falling rain
stroll with me ever along oceans and hillsides
let us wander together down life's twisting lane

Dance with me lover to slow songs in dark rooms
rock with me baby to screaming guitars
in mosh pits in front rows lets move to the rhythm
and pretend we're beloved, famous rock stars!

Climb with me lover up mountains of gold
then we'll slide to the valley of soft grass and river
 we'll scale the next mountain with equal delight
whether iron or bronze or diamond or silver

Lie with me lover in candle-lit chambers
cover me softly with kisses of flame
touch me with hands that adore and explore me
and I promise you lover that I'll do the same

I'll walk with you lover all paths that you travel
and dance all my dances to our favourite song
I'll climb all the mountains that call for the climbing
and lie down with you always, my love is that strong

Journey well, you only journey this life once
Carolyn R Parsons