This New Moon Day

This New Moon Day

This new moon day brought promise and light
to a heart that was hurt and afraid
this new moon day sent confusion away
that was brought by that strange retrograde

This new moon day inspired smiles of delight
to lips that were tasted and banished
and this new moon day sent a heartache away
and the heaviness on my soul vanished

This new moon day cleared the dust from my eyes
like the windows are washed by the rain
This new moon day sparkled bright with a promise
that my life was mine once again

This new moon day  kissed with lavendar lust
dreamed a dream that is precious and honest
This new moon day is as bright as the rainbow
that bows bringing new hope and promise

This new moon day is a gift from an angel
who released my heart from its chain
This new moon day holds tomorrow at bay
while singing the future's refrain

This new moon day was the sweetest of all
with fresh love that blossomed and grew
The new moon day is the one that will mark
the day I first knew I still love you.

If you have love in your life you have everything you need~well a cold beer is nice too..but mostly love.
Carolyn R Parsons
Poet and Author


I *love* this poem!! Well done and thank you for sharing it with us! :) {{hugs}}
April said…
Sweetly sentimental. :)