The Storm before the Calm


In the storm before the calm I'm at my weakest
blowing like the tall grass in the breeze
falling like the leaf that just gave up
the first to drop down from the autumn trees

I forget that in the storm I should seek love
to help me fight against the raging gale
instead I raise my voice and curse the sun
because it warms my skin to no avail

I forget that anger is not my chosen way
and makes my soul less than it should be
I am the one who is strongest when in love
and in touch with the essential loving me

I guess I'm just a human on this planet
learning that strength comes from within my heart
loving all the ones I've ever loved before
exactly as I loved them from the start

In the storm before the calm I sometimes falter
and lash out in my pain without a thought
so I make amends and remember I love big
and forever and for good, no matter what

I am sorry if I've hurt you in my weakness
and I hold you in my heart still safe and warm
perhaps I should be more grateful for the moments
of the calm that comes just before the storm.