Do not stop your ship from sailing
if you've yet to reached the shore
Continue on your journey
knowing you've found land before.

There's no reason for your darkness
than for you to see the light
as there's no reason for the landing
other than the flight.

Why still fear the falling
when you have a place to land?
Likewise don't fear misunderstanding
because somebody understands.

Never speak too loudly
when the silence is your call
Do you not say it best
when you say nothing much at all?

You are made of bone and flesh
yet are superhero bound
but you never leaped your tallest building
by standing firmly on the ground

Know that lessons you've been learning
are the ones you need to teach
and that the dreams that seem too far away
are the easiest ones to reach.

Understand there is great love for you
and it is all around
 believe your heart deserves its fill
and knows when that love is found.

Who can say the future?
stormy waters may prevail
but do not fear this journey
now that you know where you must sail?

If you're trying to find yourself look inside, because that's where you are.
Carolyn R. Parsons