Only Superheroes Fly

Only Superheroes Fly

In my ear an angel whispered
someday you'll know the why
'til then I must remind you
that only superheroes fly

I speak to you of magic things
so that you can clearly see
I have no wings that flutter
I am just pure energy

For time is just a circle
an arbitrary sphere
all that is the future
is beside what still is here

Our essence never changes
for we are love within
your human form will fall to dust
but you will never end

There is only space between us
an empty atmosphere
there is nothing much of substance
that divides the here from there

I also say this much is true
connection is no mystery
and life closes fast an empty space
and fills it with your destiny

Watch the celestial story
that plays on the night sky's screen
Understand the movie is about
the life that's in between

And when the film is over
and the credits roll on by
the story will confirm for you
that only superheroes fly

You are a superhero~never forget!
Carolyn R. Parsons


RNSANE said…
I like this poem very much - but, honestly, I have yet to meet a superhero!!! Only mere mortals who accomplish superhero feats.