Love and Let Live

Love and Let Live!

And the carpenter's son walked among us
and this message was what he did speak
Love and let live in my image
most of all love the hated and weak

Siddhartha likewise spoke compassion
Love and let live and judge no one
be silent and gentle and know
that we are all part of the whole one

Let the words of the prophets speak clearly
Moses, Mohammed, even Lao Tzu
Let love and let live be your mantra
It is what we call holy and true

Let the words of the man who imagined
and knew that you thought that he dreamed
Lest we forget all that he sang about mostly
was peace, love, and let live, so it seemed

So Love and let live in your own life
these words remain true forever
practice this way, while you walk every day
as we all travel this journey together

Inspired by a note on facebook by Newfoundland Musician Terry Rielly!

Love and let live~I do that!
Carolyn R. Parsons