Cinnamon Dawn

Cinnamon Dawn

In a cinnamon dawn I repose
amongst pillows of flannel and cotton
bare breasted and smiling and sated
your existence all but forgotten

Basking in this cinnamon dawn
the sun takes my hand as to dance
fingertip steps that salute me
for I was scared yet I still took a chance

And time wasn't even  required
for healing,  as I was unharmed
I loved and still do but it was nothing
once I'd tasted a cinnamon dawn

So I lay in the sky and  forget
and your memory I casually dismiss
for the cinnamon dawn loves me better
and I revel in its spicy sweet kiss

Love all and remember you are one of the all.
Carolyn R Parsons


Unknown said…
wow...I don't know how many times I can say this, THIS one is my favorite! I might have to get it tattooed on me. It's so sweet and perfect for me. How did you know?... ;)