Bring the Real! Be Happy!

Tim Thomas of the Bruins celebrates a sweep over Philly!  That's my happy place!(photo credit: Elsa)

The last happy post.  Because it must be annoying by now.  Surely everybody is going, "holy crap, will she just shut up about being happy and just be real for a change." 

I know you're thinking it.  It's OK. I've been there.  I've been on the end of wanting to kill someone who is all perky like a twenty year old's boobs.  It's just annoying.   So last one.  For a while!

A comment on a previous post when it fed through on my face book notes was "I love the real you bring.... be it through life experiences or fiction"

Best compliment ever! Because I'm sure there are many people who think that the optimism and happiness cannot possibly be real.

In real life I am exactly what I present.  That doesn't mean I tell every single secret of my life here in this blog or out there in the real world.  You all aren't ready for that!  Trust're just not.  But my essence, my personality, my essential self is the person on this page.  I screw up a lot.  Then I try to fix it.  I look at things in my own unique way which includes the willingness to allow all of you to look at things in your own unique way also and know that you're as valid and as right as I am.

As for the fiction thing.  Do you know a lot of what I wrote in my novel is  based on real stuff?  Do you also know that other things that weren't real kind of came true?  Yeah, it's a little creepy but it's the honest to goodness truth.  Now I'll leave it to those of you who have read or will be reading the book to decipher what is what.   

There is one thing though, that people find difficult to believe about me and that is that I'm nearly always happy.  I get the question a lot about how can you be happy if the world is such a crazy place, people are dying in  Libya, Canada is being tossed to the right wing and coffee and gas are at record high prices.

And my answer is, no amount of my misery and sadness will make the price of coffee and gas go down, free the people of Libya and I only had one vote in the election so why on earth would I get depressed over any of it.  So onward I go.  Even in my own life I tend to find perspective fairly quickly from the worse situations. 

My way to deal is to act.  I vote, promoted my party and donate to them as well.  I send gifts and stuff to my friends who are having a hard time and I burn less gas and, well, coffee consumption remains the same because it's my hot happy juice in the morning.  (Should I change that line?  Sounds sort of kinky...nah..bring the real right?)

I also have a trick to bring myself out of a funky mood if it strikes.  And it works every time.  Want to know what it is?  It's my imagination and my unwavering faith that whatever I want will happen in some fashion.

Let me give you an example.  A while ago I entered into a fantasy conversation about travelling the world.  It was a lot of fun.  Take the kids to Disney, season tickets to hockey games, homes in each of our favourite places, start in Australia, summers on Change Islands.  I was a fantasy of just really incredible things.  In this trip money was no option of course.  It was very enjoyable.  And just the mere thought of it made me happy as heck as I'm sure it did my friend.

Then after, for days, when I felt a little off or down I would go back to that conversation I would not go to the fantasy so much but to the feelings I had whenever I thought of the possibility of that fantasy.  The feelings of happiness, anticipation, expectation, joy, excitement.  Even just typing this I'm transported into that mood! 

Now I had a choice back there.  I could have finished that conversation and forgotten it after.  Worse still, I could have gone into a state of disappointment.  I mean it was just a fantasy after all.  I could have gone into a sad place thinking that such a wonderful thing will never happen to me. That I'll never get to see the world and do all the things I want to do.  But I didn't. Because what would be the point? Plus I fully expect it'll happen in some way in the future. 

Some would say it's best not to live in a fantasy world because that's just asking for disappointment.  I don't live in a fantasy world.  I live in the real world.  I live in a hopeful world where the idea of anything being possible leads me to be happy and being happy is paramount.  In our time on this planet, I believe that our sole purpose is to be happy!  That's it, that's all.

And it's not about the fantasy anyway.  It's about the feeling!

I've touched on this before, when I said, "imagine someone you haven't seen in a long time, that you miss, suddenly showing up at your door and get in touch with that feeling."  Well I wrote that one Wednesday and tapped into that happiness all week. 

Here is the mystery of it all and the miracle of it.  What I was personally imagining when I wrote that happened a few days later.   Not the exact situation.  Not the exact scenario.  But the happiness it created was entirely the same.  Can't tell me that you can't make your dreams come true by feeling their possibility!   I didn't even realise until after that it had happened that way but it did.  I'm magic!

Throw your happiest dream out there.  Then let it go if you want but hang on to the happy feeling the dream brings.  It'll even happen if you get over the idea that it can't but meanwhile move on with your own happy life full of expectation of good things to come. 

Yes. That's the real here.  Always.  I'm a goofy, nutty, Pollyanna, happy, silly, optimistic kid.  I can't say that I'm  happy 100% of the time but I'm definitely happy-inclined.  And I'm 100% happy about that.

I'm also a helluva lot of fun.  Maybe we'll get together when I'm on my world tour!

Now.  I promise you I'll be miserable in my next post.  You know, just to keep it real!  Not likely!


Smiling has serious side effects.  Happiness may occur. Consult your physician before smiling.
Carolyn R. Parsons 



Debbie said…
we are similar in this...i am not always happy...but mostly. i am definitely content!! I find life worth living....