A Royal Tea Party!


The cynics amongst us would call it an utter waste of time.  Story after story in the papers and online this week commented on how trivial it is.  I'm referring of course, to the Royal Wedding in London today. 

Compared to the horror of Libya or the hundreds killed in tornadoes in the USA this week or other important news stories that should be clogging the front pages and droning through out television sets, they call it a vast waste of media resources.  Instead of covering important things we have this spectacle of opulence that cost enough to feed a small country for a day.  Shameful!

Not so here.  I call it beautiful.  There is no crisis on this planet that can be fixed by there not having been a royal wedding.  Is it as important?  Yes.  In fact, I say it's just as important.  With a world full of hatred, negativity, violence and fear, an occasion to sit and inhale the joy of a young beautiful couple in love and being married before the entire world is of utmost importance!  We wont forget Libya.  But perhaps we should consider that we might need to see something good for a change.

I'll even go a step further.  Not only do I say it's important, I say it is, indeed, perhaps, more important.  Perhaps we, the human race, should be seeing love in the news today rather than focusing on every crisis of the earth.  Because it is from moments of beauty that we gather our strength to go forward against the negativity. A moment of joy buoys us up for the next round and provides a much required contrast of what is preferable to what is often the reality.

I remember where I was when the twin towers fell. Still remember the horror of that day.  But I also balance it with a memory of the joy of another royal wedding back in 1981 when a beautiful Lady Diana Spencer married the Prince of Wales and walked away with our hearts.  I also remember her funeral and though it was a sad day, it was also a monument to the great love someone can inspire, even in strangers,  with their lives. 

And because I know there will be some great tragic "do your remember where you were when" moment in the lives of my little girls I decided that they should also remember the times this earth celebrated something good.  So in honour of the day we had our own little royal tea party complete with fancy hats and raisin and scones. 

Because it was a momentous occasion we baked the scones ourselves.  (We thought the servants might need the day off to watch the wedding with the other throngs of well wishers). 

We made place settings with our names on them and a picture of the royal couple.  We made paper jets and at the end of our tea we did a flyover of our own to celebrate! 

We sat down with horrible fake British accents, makeshift fancy hats and my grandmother's not so fancy tea cups and had a tea party.  Also, in honour of the occasion I'm making a very British supper.  Indian food!

Many loving years to this beautiful couple.  We hope to see you on your Canadian tour this summer and hurry and bring on the royal babies!! 



Leigh Caron said…
What a wonderful time you had. I LOVE scones, and you're right. The royal wedding was a welcome diversion. Check out my blog and the hat I made (very quickly) for the occasion.