One More Time~Forever

One More Time~Forever

On damp newborn mornings
I reach for a memory
when sun rays first taste the dew
and my heart skips a beat
at the loss once again
of the time when I was with you

In moments of weakness
I still spend a tear
and think about what used to be
and when moons rise up full
and the north star shines bright
I want you to be here with me

In quiet long nights
sometimes I crave
for a glimpse of your bright sunlit smile
and I ache for your arms
in still silent moments
and wish you could hold me a while

In so many moments
throughout all of my days
I have glimpses of our life together
and I wish in those times
I could be with you then
Just one more time...forever.

Live and Laugh and Love, but mostly Love!

Carolyn R. Parsons



April said…
This is so sweet and beautiful! Bittersweet, but still beautiful.
RNSANE said…
I love this poem, very beautiful and full of melancholy. I wrote one very much like it, thinking of a long ago love.