It's My Birthday!!! It's all about me!!!

Today is my birthday!  I love my birthday!   I have never understood the lamentations of those who dread birthdays.  The whining over every wrinkle and line, the passing of time, the worry about getting older, about every grey hair.  I say to all of that, bring it on!

A friend said to me yesterday, jokingly, "so you'll be 36 tomorrow?" and I replied, "No, why would I want to be 36, I didn't know you when I was 36!"

To not celebrate a birthday seems to me to have a sense of regret about living the year that has gone before.  Yes our years are made up of sadness and grief sometimes but also, in those times are moments of great joy, meeting new friends. meeting new loves, being  happy and just general living.  I enjoy my life to its fullest.  I cannot bring myself to regret a single moment of being alive in this world!

I barely remember that spring day 45 years ago when I was born.  I was just so very young.  But what a great day it must have been!  I was born on Fogo Island, which neighbours my home of Change Islands, Newfoundland.  I have been told that my parents were so happy to have me they put the television away.  See they didn't need any other entertainment anymore now that they had me to entertain them.

 I must  have gotten boring rather quickly though because I don't remember a time without television which I'm grateful for because some of my fondest memories is of me and dad watching hockey in front of that old black and white set.

And though I don't remember it specifically I was told that I watched the 1970 Stanley cup final where Bobby Orr scored that famous flying goal and won it for  Boston.  I like that story!  He is still my idol to this day.  As a hero, a man and a hockey player.   And my hero worship of Bobby Orr has been passed on to my little girls.  I was told I would scream when Martina gave me my present and I did!  A book about Bobby Orr!

Sophia happily gave me a second book, one of stories to read in the tub with a waterproof cover. Two funny cards and some flowers from each made this mommy very happy!

I made a pledge a few years ago that on my birthday I would also give gifts.    Making people happy is what I enjoy the most and so I'm always looking for the opportunity to give people things that I think would make them happy.  Sometimes on their birthday, sometimes just at random.  So today I wrapped a gift to a friend, something she needed that I could get for her. She's aware of it.  I also gave a donation to a charity, the disaster in Japan.  My heart hurts for the world sometimes and today seems that I'm awfully blessed. 

I got lucky.  I got good parents, a huge extended family full of love and fun including approximately 50 first cousins(I didn't count but it's close).  I was born in the prettiest little place ever dropped into the middle of any planet of any universe in the infinite skies.  I live in the greatest country in the World.  I've got a life full of friends and family and I've found the way to make all my dreams come true and to do all the things I want to do with my life. 

So this day is about me.  About me living exactly the way I should be living. About striving to do right by everybody I care about and I care about everybody.  If I won the lottery I'd have some fun and do a lot of things that require finances but I'd share a lot as well.  I would probably enjoy the giving away of it more than the spending of it..but man would I have a fast car, fast computer and fast airplane..all in guessed goes faster!  Oh and season seats at the TD Gardens to watch my Bruins play! 

In taking care of the earth we often hear a lot about the carbon footprint we leave behind.  I hope mine is small and I do try to minimise it.

But there is another footprint.  The compassion footprint.  This one I want to leave in a big way.  A huge honking Sasquatch sized imprint all over the earth.  I want the world to be better because I was here.  But more than that, I want everyone else to know, it's better because you're here!

For every phone call, present, card, each face book message, the special emails and all other birthday greetings I received today, Thank you.  They are all proof that I'm on the right track. That you  are in my life is the reason I was born.  You are my greatest teachers. My greatest loves.  My greatest gift.  I appreciate you all. 

Not much on the agenda..a long bath, helping the little girls bake me a cake, a visit from my older daughter and her family with my grandson later tonight and hopefully some reading. There is some red wine and dark chocolate on the agenda as well. 

If you're familiar at all with the works of Abraham-Hicks, they talk about the vortex.  It's described as this place of extreme joy where you are surrounded by such amazing love and complete understanding that you want to stay there forever and never leave.  I think today, I am in that place.  And it's not because it's my birthday but because of the love I feel for all of you.

So tonight when I blow out my candles on the cake I'll make with my children I'm going to make a very very special wish.  The most important wish I'll ever make. 

That the Boston Bruins will take the Stanley Cup this year!   Wahoooooo!!!! 

What?  I'm supposed to wish for something all compassionate and loving?  World Peace?  Save it for the beauty pageants.  It's the Stanley Cup. The Bruins are at the top of their division..they're positioned to win this year..this is the peace. Again.  But it's been since 1970...never mind.

OK..but it's a helluva lot of candles and after a couple of of Shiraz or Chianti I can't guarantee I will keep it straight...hiccup.

Happy my birthday to all of you!   Cheers!

Thank you.

Smile! If your face cracks there is always crazy glue...I mean Cover Girl!
Carolyn R. Parsons



RNSANE said…
I join with all the others in wishing you the most wonderful of birthdays. I've always enjoyed celebrating mine as well. Usually, I've tried to be on some wonderful trip out of the country. On my 64 and 65th, for example, I was in Rome for a couple of days and then left on twelve day Mediterranean cruises...for 65, five friends were along with me. Sadly, my travels have been curtailed since my 21 year nursing job with San Francisco ended in massive budget cuts. Last birthday, though, my boys took me to the Mission District, to Esperpento, so I could drink Spanish wine, eat tapas and pretend I was in Barcelona.

I, too, am so connected with the world and have been blessed to visit 45 countries and 25 Caribbean islands. Japan is very special to me and I was last there, all expenses paid, by a very generous group who had me teach, in three cities, on child forensic interviewing. It was the trip of a lifetime and I mourn all the devastation that has taken place. Thankfully, all my friends are safe.