Flight of Fancy

The sky on my walk today!

Flight of Fancy

Through blue-eyed skies I flew just once
so far above the crowds
I tipped my hat to the morning sun
and nodded to the clouds

I took a flight of yellow fancy
and soared where the songbird sings
I did not know in freedom's moment
that life would clip my wings

In the trees I landed hard
my wings were broken fast
I jettisoned fuel and did not burn
but I thought I'd flown my last

So I took a sad and silent stroll
and now my heart's rebounded!
'til I soar once more in blue-eyed skies
 I was only temporarily grounded



Amy said…
Carolyn, I love this poem. You are such a wonderful writer. I am blessed to know you. Peace Love Joy
Aww thank you! Same to you! I wish you were nearby to teach me yoga!