Excerpt from That Heart; The Secrets of Rare Moon Tickle

"What were you thinking in that photo?" he asked.  It was a photo he'd taken of her some time ago.  In it she stared away at something in the distance and he'd captured it in a moment of impulse.

He couldn't see her smile but it was there.

"I was looking outside..noticing..the wind was blowing..the clouds were moving across the sky..there were some small maples..they were bending in the wind but the leaves weren't blowing off them....maybe the occasional one but mostly they were hanging on..the stronger ones..not ready to let go yet..there were some tall wispy grass-like things and they were blowing too...they were in clumps almost as though they were dancing..very rhythmic..beautiful and the sky was very pretty and blue..like your eyes.. and I was thinking it was a perfect moment with you."

The River of Dreams played in the background..it was one of her favourite songs.  She reached for the button to turn up the volume.

"No..I have to fix that," she continued, "not entirely accurate..I was thinking it was "another" perfect moment with you..because they all are."

Dream and it will be.
Carolyn R. Parsons