Chapter One: Life~ now live it!

Chapter one: Life
Carolyn R. Parsons

Anyone else follow their horoscope?  I do.  I get mine from an App on my blackberry and read it every day.   Here is today's for Aries.

Daily Horoscope for Aries
Apr 6 2011

You are about to close a chapter - some aspect of your life that was difficult is coming to a close. Despite the challenges you faced and the hurt or sadness you experienced during this phase, you came away with a wealth of insight. As you end this part of your story, you will feel a sense of relief. Soon, you will also feel a sense of anticipation and excitement, because you are about to turn the page to a whole new and very wonderful chapter. With what you've learned, you have the power to transform the rest of your life into a magical journey. Use discretion in the choices you make.

Really?  I am?  Closing chapters?  Hurt or sadness is a part of life.  Feel the pain, get through the hurt, come out better...but close the chapter on it?  Why would I ever do such a thing?  Yep,  I think this time they have it wrong. 

First of all, I can't think of a thing I want to end or close that hasn't been ended or closed for me in some way already.  But for my part, nothing ever ends.  You see this is counter-intuitive to my very being.  I would never close a chapter to any part of my life.  My life is so exciting and interesting and full of every possibility because of every chapter lived so far!   Why would I want to close any of them? 

In the writing of this I look out my back door and the ducks that come every year to my neighbour's pool are back.  Perhaps I am like the ducks in some manner.  If something is good I will leave open the possibility of revisiting it, even if it's not where I stay for long!  Of course I'm like the ducks in that I'm a little quacked too!

There maybe a closing of a chapter in some way, certainly moving away from this province will do that do some degree but I'm not doing the closing.  In fact I've said, if it doesn't work out, I'll come back.  I'm simply creating change which is about making openings more than creating a closing.

In my estimation, there is no ending to anything, life is full circle, relationships shift, grow, move apart but they never close entirely.  There is always a connection.  Always the potential for reconnection and reunion.  Shift and change yes, closing no.  Ending no.

What I mean is simply this.  To actually end a chapter means you've closed the door to that part of your life forever.  To close the door on something means you will never revisit it again, that it is over and done, all bridges burned.  To do this implies "never again" and invariable, never again is impossible.  Never say never.  It's a cliche for a reason.  It's because over and over the word never will make you squeal with shock as it bites you on your lily white ass!

I will also never take from myself the possibilities that would be removed if I closed a chapter on any part of my life.   It would take the joy out of it. The hope. The possibilities that may or may not evolve.

I just wrote a novel.  Many times during the process I would have to go  back and fix a chapter because something I wrote in a later chapter referred back to it so I would have to go back and make it work.  Nothing was finished until the book was finished. Then..even in the story itself...the ending doesn't end(and you'll have to read the book to understand what that means).  And now, I'm writing it as a series.  So Christianna is back in the new book, a cameo, yet she will actually be vital to the story though she's only in it in a peripheral way.  Life is like that book. Never finished.  Dwelling in the past is unhealthy, keeping the past in your mind and your options open is good.

The rest of the horoscope I like though and believe to be true.  My life is and always has been a magical journey!  But I will leave all chapters unfinished and no doors will close but change is at hand and I do have a sense of anticipation about all the new that is to come.  I have learned lessons from all of the past but for me it's about daily anticipation, a daily new lesson to be learned.

I go forward with my excitement, my potential, and my enthusiasm.  No endings, just new joys, new friends, new experiences!

I think the breeze blows through better with the doors left open!  I love the breeze.  I welcome the rain that beats through as well.  It makes me appreciate the sunshine.

No chapter ever truly closes until the book of life is complete and I have many stories left to live and write!

As to horoscope.  It is fun but ultimately all the choices are mine.  And I choose to leave all chapters open and subject to being revisited at anytime.  Always!