Along my running trail today!

Ever been bouncy?  You know, bouncy!  I know. You're thinking I've finally gone off the deep end now.   And I have but that's besides the point.  Bouncy is where you are just so full of excitement and joy and happiness you feel like you can bounce like a rubber ball through the day!  That's how I feel today!  I'm bouncy!

My littlest daughter always says she wants to go to bed early so she can "pop out of bed like toast."(She never actually goes to bed early but she does think about it )Well that's how my day is so far.  I hopped out of bed in the best of moods even though I was still a little tired.  It felt so good that I decided that no matter what the day threw at me I would be happy! 

So I am. Just am.  Bouncy, crazy, hula-hoopy happy!  I meditated and ran and walked and danced and smiled and laughed.  I played and wrote and read and cooked and ate and laughed some more. When I felt the possibility of something negative interfering I ignored it.   I did my chores, held up my responsibilities but every time I dealt with something that had the potential to bring me down I consciously set myself up to enjoy it and so it didn't.

Now I'm sure there are psychologists would would classify this state of euphoria as a disorder of some kind.  Having an exceptionally high degree of happiness and fun in your day when there is nothing specifically exciting happening is not normal is it?  Surely there is a drug for that, something to numb me down, make me level, bring me quiet.  I see a huge opportunity for big pharma here!

But I don't want any!  I want this mood. This one that says this world is amazing.  The one where my run today was a celebration rather than exercise.  Where the lady who waved from the golf course as she worked made me smile from ear to  ear and the clouds wandering aimlessly across the sky were my best companions.  I saw little ducks swimming in a quiet stream and enjoyed a moment of peace at the still water.  But I'm not still water today.  Today I am happy bubbling rapids full of squeals of delight and cold wet fun! 

How did I get in this fun and happy place?  I imagined it.  I deliberately put myself here.  You can too.  Do you have someone in your life you haven't seen for a long while?  Your child, your parent, your best friend, a spouse.  Anyone that you miss?  Pretend you're sitting around bored,  minding your own business and a knock comes on the door.  Pretend you open the door and they're there.  Now imagine that feeling!  Imagine the surprise and joy and happiness you feel.  Then, hold on to that feeling.  And every time it slips..go back to it.  Live from that moment of imagined instantaneous happiness!  Get there every chance you can. 

That's how I got bouncy today!  I am gonna bounce through this day, bounce into bed and then bounce to sleep, basking in happiness and my plan is to bounce again tomorrow!

Boingy boingy boingy boing! 


Happiness is a Choice! Choose it!
Carolyn R. Parsons