We are the Clouds

We are the Clouds

I am a cloud. 
I float above
I dream my dreams
I love my loves
don't pull me down
no string you see
let me float
let me be

I am a cloud.
I am the mist
I weave my stories
it's where I'm blissed
Come to me
here in the sky
don't pull me down
I love to fly

You are a cloud
you float to me
you listen and
you let me be
you let me fly
and  hold my hand
so I can fly
so I can land

We are the clouds
we float away
in beams of sunlight
on a breezie day
The droplets fall
a gentle rain
we land together
without pain.

Until that day
we float once  more
two weightless clouds
just like before
and so the circle
comes together
We are two clouds
until forever

"Just be who you are, that's the YOU I love"
~Carolyn R. Parsons~