Someday seemed so far from us
when it was still today
when time and space and circumstance
were standing in the way

When someday was the wish you wished
and promises were pledged
someday seemed so far away
and the gaps too wide to bridge

So someday was replaced by what
is now what is to be
but today seems such a waste of time
and a sad reality

Because someday came some time ago
and time,  it always flies
it seems so slow to those who wait
yet disappears if you blink your eyes

So here we are beyond that someday
that someday of the past
and I wish it was the someday promised
that was here today at last

For this someday that has come to be
is not my chosen way
and it teases me with memories
of my beloved lost someday

And I'd trade all of today's moments
if I could find a way
to return to that someday we lost
on that fateful yesterday

Regrets for lost dreams are a waste of time but dreams of new ones open up possibility

~Carolyn R. Parsons~