The Robins are Here!!!!

Today I walked in the sunshine.  It is still cool. But the day was clear and so I went.  And I saw robins!  Everywhere.  They're back and that means spring is here and though it's not as warm as I would like it is time for renewal and growth and change!  I love walking and not much makes me happier than being outside, walking my dog.  Hopefully I'll be back to running again in a few weeks.

I've changed up my diet, this past week getting back to the way I prefer to eat.  Breakfast was a green smoothie made with vitamin water and lunch was a green salad.  Tonight for supper I had a guacamole salad with a rice and bean casserole.  All vegetarian, all stuff from the earth and a bit of a spicy kick.  I'm a  decent cook if you like the kinds of things I make and I love being in the kitchen, putting it together and then looking at it all colourful and healthy.  Cooking is creative and meditative.   I don't even mind the clean up.   I did also have some ice cream earlier today.  I love ice cream and I feel that giving up the things you love in the name of health, is, well, unhealthy.  So I had my treat.  I truly enjoy eating this way and I'm grateful for the energy I have now to cook again. 

For me it's never been about weight loss.  I've never cared so much for how I look as how I feel.  And nutrition and exercise feel good in all respects.  Diets give a sense of deprivation that I've never been able to accept.  I feel better with good, high quality foods in smaller amounts.  Home cooked, whole foods of the highest quality I can find are key.  And never ever ever is anything I use low fat.  I will not sacrifice flavour for less taste and more sugar.

Everything is  changing now and I don't just mean my diet.  The move east coming up being the biggest one.

Fortunately I love change.  I know there is some stress involved in the unknown but I've always found that in transition comes growth and after growth comes a better and brighter day.  After a winter that has had some challenges I feel like I've come through a stronger and better and more alive person than I've ever been.  My energy level is coming back, I am sleeping well again and the sparkle has returned. 

It is on days like these, when life is spread before me like a buffet, choices that I never dreamt would be available are dropping into my life and the sun is shining, it is easy to see the wonder of this world.  I am meeting wonderful new people who are making my life richer and more interesting than ever and it excites me!  And it's contagious.  I rush to share it, to bring a little slice of the happiness pie to those around me and see it spread outward like rays from the sun spread in the blue sky today.

Have you ever been at a place where you know that everything you ever want and need will be yours?  They may net be exactly like you imagine but they'll be close?    I have all the important things.  Purpose, ambition, joy, amazing people, healthy children,  and all of the love I could ever need.   My appreciation for that is amazing.  But even better, today I again am back to the place where I know it all will work out in the future.  Not the details so much as the feeling that everything will be alright.  That knowing feels great! 

Lately things are unfolding with such a wondrous and miraculous way that it's easy to see my future being a good one.  And it's easy to see because I have decided that my present is.  I've walked, eaten healthy food, meditated, written, cleaned my house top to bottom and maintained it that way, helped with school projects, volunteered, spent a weekend with my grandson and had a fun Toronto adventure that involved hockey.

I am going to fly a plane on Sunday,  how cool is that?

I'm excited about my birthday  a week from Friday too!  I'm turning 45.  I know people tend to get upset about being older and birthdays can be depressing but I've never understood that.  I see it as the opportunity to celebrate being born!  I am so happy I was born!  How else would I have gotten to have the fun I've had, love the people I've loved, and done the things I've gotten to do?  This 45 year old body is simply home to an ageless soul and I feel like I've only improved as time has gone by.  I know I am not my body, though I think I should take care of it since it was entrusted to me, but the me I am never changes.  If I get another minute on this earth or another 50 years, I will be unchanged where it matters.

I've made so many memories and I'm so excited about the new ones to come with the new friends I have made!  I also have another "Tart and Hussy" adventure coming up!  More on that closer to the time.

Today I got so excited when I saw that first little robin in the grass.  My heart nearly burst with happiness at the symbolism of the little guy because he means spring and spring is my favourite time of year,  it's the year of my birth and the time of all new starts.  It is the time of change, good change.

I wonder if, the ability to get excited over such little tiny things is the key to happiness.  If you can find joy in the wonder of a bud on the tree in spring, is that not enough?  How much joy is there in a child's smile?  Is there anything larger that matters? 

The robins are here! The robins are here!

I hope you also have a wonderful day full of all the things that make you feel good and happy! 


Embrace change; it's the only consistent thing in life!
Carolyn R. Parsons