Where is relief from this addiction?
life's anaesthesia wears off fast
This ache for a fix of a favourite high
and the craving for opiates of the past

Remind the heart that it beats still
for if not then it might forget
ghost tears ache in eyes of pain
and haunt with howls of regret.

There is no wound, that time will heal
there is instead a hollow place
it's a void that nothing can ever fill
its a designated, reserved space

The effort made to fill that gap
is a sad pathetic redirection
sanity is a painful rehab
from the cocaine of connection

Combined with all of the remorse
is bitter anger and regret
it mocks the smile upon a face
and disallows the numb forget

Then guilt mocks with its curt refrain
all was lost for your silly rules
when a foolish whim, an impulsive jump
landed you in the gorge of fools

All is worth the going back
for a bliss as deep as heaven's breadth
For the narcotic of the magic past
and all the future that is left

Then life bestows a hit of sunshine
a kiss of life, new air to breathe
the crazy cravings of the past
become a distant memory

The bliss of life well loved and lived
cause edges to fold into the space
it falls in upon itself and heals
and with a memory is replaced

The craving goes with each withdrawal
it slips away on a sunny ray
love is the drug of happy endings
and begins a new and better way

Like exercise will strengthen muscle
each knockout is a chance to awaken
all the love required to carry
whenever journeys are undertaken

There is fear and there is love but worst of all is the fear of love
~Carolyn R. Parsons~



Charmine's Hope said…
I love this Carolyn, very well done. Between my BC battle, and my divorce...,this so hits home. Thank you
Thank you Charmine. I'm glad you appreciated it. :)