Poem inspired by my dreams and Faded Red Fence~a photograph by my friend Shawn M. Fitzpatrick


Is it not true that on such days
when quiet snow is spread
across a land 'neath expansive skies
that are painted gold and red
there is a time when all reflect
on all that could have passed
and dream of ones that moved along
and how the die was cast

Is it not true that at such times
we wander in our minds
to better days when life was real
and we knew better times
before the interfering
of those who would derail
the plans once made about forever
before we knew we'd fail

Is it not true that nowadays
it seems I shouldn't ask
were all things equal now today
would there be a second chance
for all that was before they set
our universe off course
and wrecked what was a magic dream
with deliberate fateful force

Is it not true that nowadays
though it does seem much too late
that still there is a longing for
our true predestined fate
and if there were a simple way
 things could be as they should be?
would it not be your fondest wish
that we would reclaim our destiny

To make your dreams come true, first you must dream them
~Carolyn R. Parsons~