Miracle Around Every Bend

Here I sit getting ready to leave for Ontario again.  I decided to write a little update post with a few pictures which will post long after I'm home most likely.  I have all of my pictures uploaded on my computer and realise I have taken nearly 600 pictures from Ontario to Newfoundland and 500 of them are from this island alone! 

I know I have some bias but from the moment I got off the ferry in Newfoundland I was simply awestruck.  (No, I wasn't speechless, don't get excited) but I was once again, amazed by just how profoundly beautiful this place truly is. 

There is a quote by Rumi that says "sell your cleverness and purchase bewilderment." and nowhere is that easier for me than here in Newfoundland.  From the first moment here I got here I was immediately bewildered by how limited the human mind is.  For even I, one who loves this place immensely and who will tell all far and wide just how incredibly beautiful this land is, am always taken aback by its  magnificence.

While driving along, taking in the panoramic view of ocean, mountain, cliff, experiencing the wild winds of The Wreckhouse and just being sensually bombarded by all that is the majesty of the west coast I am reminded that what I know accounts for nothing, but what I feel is all there is and all that is important.

And as we move further inland and stop for food I am overwhelmed by the kindness of the people, the friendliness, the genuine interest in us and our trip and the excellent food!  I am always, though I know it to be true, amazed by just how wonderful our people are.

When we drove into the port of Argentia, my first trip there, and we crested the top of the hill, I gasped audibly.  Then I was moved to tears.  A miracle was set before me and for a moment I was transported to a place inside of true bliss. 

How many of these such moments have I had.  I felt it in Portugal Cove, then again as I overlooked the ocean at Torbay and the pretty town of Petty Harbour is a guaranteed ecstacy of visual delight for me as I take in its rugged perfection.

And the one common factor in any of these places is the ocean.  Any of the perfect gems of land, set against a foggy background is guaranteed to speak to my soul at a level nothing else in nature can.  The jutted edge of Bell Island in the distance claimed my heart in one miraculous instant just as the Argentia hills, dropped like cookies on an ocean tray made it my own forever.

This place is special.  It has a miracle over every hill and the gift of wonder around every bend. 

And though the inhabitants sometimes become desensitised and those who leave forget in their absence, there cannot help but be moments where this land brings you up short and forces you to see all that is awe inspiring and majestic about it. 

I cannot wait to live here again.  To see the rolling ocean whenever I crave its soothing presence.  To walk the hills whenever I require a boost of inspiration. To write the poetry of this land, while living here and I will not become desensitised to its beauty.  That's the gift absence gave me, that of appreciation for all that I left and now will return to.

"Give unconditional love~always."
Carolyn R. Parsons


Rochelle said…
So beautifully written and all so very true:) Gave me goose-bumps and brought tears to my eyes all at the same time. Glad you are all home safe and sound. Rochelle xo
Unknown said…
Hey carolyn..........been awhile. I just dropped in to see what's up...sounds like you've been having good times.