It's a Curly Hair Day!

Very curly and all ME!

I had a wonderful weekend with friends and I'm back home now trying to recover!  I will post about my weekend at some point but so much happened and we did so many different things that I can hardly remember them all.  Of course some of that might have been the wine we consumed as well!

But we went to a trade show on Saturday.  A very super special one.  It was called Sexapalooza!  I will go into further detail at another time as well.  But first I want to talk about a specific incident.  And this one has nothing to do with sex.(sorry).

One of the vendors there sold hair straighteners.  In his sales pitch he told me  you will want to straighten your hair every day and you will look ten years younger.  Wow.  So I plopped out the $150 bucks or so he wanted for it right away!  Um...nope.  Just kidding.

First of all, my hair is super curly.  Ringlet curly.  A long time ago I had it straightened for fun.  Just temporarily and just once.  It was awful.  It tickled my face.  It looked longer but thinner.  And I did not look like myself at all.  Of course everybody raved about it and said it looked great.  I hated it.  I don't care what it looked like.  I can't see me when I'm walking around right?  I look how I look.  If it scares you put a blanket over your head! 

Second of all.  I don't want to look ten years younger.  I like my age.  I will be 45 on April 8 and guess what?  I don't care.  45 is what I am.  I have had 45 amazing and challenging and wonderful and educational and enlightening years in this body.  It's mine and I like it top to bottom.  While I probably haven't given it the care I should(and my  health is forcing me to do this now anyway) I really have no body issues.   If it doesn't conform to red carpet standards, if it isn't someone else's idea of how a person's body should look then those those are their issues.  My body works well.  It built and delivered four humans.  It's pretty much a marvel of nature.  My face is mine.  It is a combination of my parents, all of my relatives and my own life experience.  I'm cool with that.

And I like my curly hair too.  I inherited it from my dad.  My wonderful, amazing, brilliant and handsome dad who I lost a number of years back. 

So no, I don't want it straight.  Most people have straight hair.  I have no desire to be like most people.  I like curly hair on men.  I like curly hair on children and I like it on me too!  There is nothing wrong with straight hair if you have it or want it but don't assume that everybody prefers it dude! 

So no I didn't buy a straightener.  And I never will.  I did however buy eyeshadow.  Because it sparkles.  I like sparkly things.

And I liked that the salesperson didn't tell me it would make me look ten years younger.  She just said it would accentuate my eyes.  Much better pitch. 

I'm not sure how I got so comfortable in my own skin.  I wasn't always.  When I was young and pretty much had the red carpet body I didn't even know it.  I wasn't as happy with that body as this.  Not because this one is better but because I'm better!  I am not in denial.  I know exactly how I look.  And I am not only fine with it, I like it.  I'm round and a little fluffy and totally feminine. 

It just doesn't seem all that relevant to me.  It seems trivial when there are so many people with so many real and valid difficulties in their lives to worry about a few extra lines or pounds.   That doesn't mean I don't like to look nice, or dress up to feel good.  I love make up and jewelry and I love looking my best but once I'm at my best I never think it's not good enough.  I think it's just right.  And I think that way when I look my worse too. 

And oh the freedom.  I have no idea how much I weigh.  I don't count calories.  I exercise for fun only.  I do yoga, walk, will run again soon when the weather gets better, hula hoop, dragon boat and will probably take up pole dancing!

And I never have to eat "lite" foods!  I use whole cream, I eat whole cheese and my food tastes good!  A light cheese cake?  How the  heck can one get fat on that? 

And it's raining today which means my hair is curlier than usual.  Bet I look 46!  Yay!  Think I'll do yoga and have a cookie.

"Love yourself, you are awesomesauce and bubble gum baby!"

~Carolyn R. Parsons~


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awesome post my friend!