I Miss You

I Miss You

I miss you when you go away
for all these nights and days
I miss the smile that promises
that we will find our way

I search for you when the lights go out
and slumber comes to call
dreaming of you helps somewhat
when I dream at night at all

I ache to hold your hand in mind
I long to taste your kiss
your gentle touch upon my face
is something else I miss

These long cold nights are empty
and my heart is just a void
without you I have lost my smile
and I'm lonely deep inside

My mind and body, spirit
are dispersed around the room
and will not reunite again
until our lives resume.

I miss you when you go away
and still long so for your touch
but the missing you means all is well
and that I love very much

Search your soul, reach for what it craves and be happy!
~Carolyn R. Parsons~