I Love Jim Cuddy and Hockey!

Former Maple Leaf, Gary Roberts

Official puck of the game

The Alumni Bench

Hall of Famer Paul Coffey~it was a thrill to see him play!

Captain of the Rockers, Jim Cuddy!

The skills competition included a sing-off between Jim Cuddy and the Alumni captain Mark Napier.  Jim won.

Me and Michael Landsberg

It's all about the hockey! 

I went to the JUNO cup yesterday, a celebrity versus NHL alumni players charity game that is organised by Blue Rodeo front man Jim Cuddy on JUNO weekend.  For my international readers, the JUNO awards are the Canadian music awards for Canadian musicians and a BIG deal here with our rich music scene.  We are good at music in Canada(not me specifically, I suck) but we have brilliant talent in this country.  It is a charity game with proceeds going to MusiCounts, an organisation that makes music lessons available to youth across the country.

For someone who loves hockey as much as I do, to see Paul Coffey and Gary Roberts play was a dream!  Paul Coffey is a hall of famer and Gary Roberts has his roots in Newfoundland and has always been a favourite.

Of the celebrities topping my list is Jim Cuddy.  He is my favourite singer.  Then there was Hockey Night in Canada host, Ron McLean, Rob Higgins of Dearly Beloved(and nephew of Rush's Geddy Lee), Tyler Stewart of Bare Naked Ladies, Barney Bentall (and his son Dustin who I've seen perform with Blue Rodeo and he's great) So when I saw the opportunity for tickets to this event I was on it!  Jim with a stick(STOP that..I mean hockey stick) would be a huge thrill! 

I am a huge hockey fan.  I love the game.  Love its intensity, speed, competition, skill and even the rough aggressive side of it to some degree.  And all that being true, there is another element to the game that I love~hot hockey players!  I love being a girl hockey fan.  The guys just get the game, I get the game plus super sexy men on skates! 

As a fan I also listen and watch sports television and I've been a fan of Michael Landsberg for quite a while.  He is the host of the TSN sports show, Off the Record, and was the host of the game last night!

I met Michael, had a bit of a lighthearted argument with him but that didn't stop him from coming over and cuddling up with me for a picture when someones camera was taking too long.  I think he wanted me.  You know, in the Biblical sense.  That's what I'm going with anyway. Makes for a more fun daydream!

My main dream man, Jim Cuddy actually can play hockey!  He scored 2 goals and is a pretty decent skater.  I was impressed and turned on all at once.  Talk about perfect man! 

See, that's what hockey does to me.  All that male prowess on skates...gives this girl kerwollops!

Of course there were some women on the Rockers team, including Kathleen Edwards and Sarah Harmer and Sarah thrilled everyone by scoring a goal!  Girl hockey players are hot too you know!

It was a fun time!  I met some new friends, a couple of young girls whose enthusiasm made all of us happy and who made sure every kid got everything signed that they wanted signed by climbing over the glass and screaming at the hockey players who were happy to oblige!

It's all about the hockey and that's partly because hockey is about stories.  I remember one particular game, a very special one where my team, the Boston Bruins lost.  Doesn't sound like a good story for me right?  But then the next day I discovered that the opponents had dedicated that game to their assistant coach Luke Richardson and his family, who had lost his 14 year old daughter Daron to suicide earlier that day.  It is this kind of story that makes the winning less important than the heart of the  players and the team and this is one of several reasons that this particular team is my second favourite hockey team these days.  It is also another reason I love the sport so much.

Scroll down for a list of the players for those who are hockey fans or fans of Canadian music.  I am a fan of both.

Life is about stories, living them, not writing them!
~Carolyn R. Parsons~

NHL Greats:

Mark Napier

Brad Dalgarno

Derek King

Gary Leeman

Gary Roberts

Mike Pelyk

Paul Coffey

Russ Courtnall

Troy Crowder

Valeri Bure

Some of The Rockers:

Jim Cuddy (Blue Rodeo)

Andrew Scott (Sloan)

Barney Bentall

Chris Murphy (Sloan)

Dustin Bentall

George Canyon

Kathleen Edwards

Kevin Parent

Mike Belitsky (The Sadies)

Rob Higgins (Dearly Beloved)

Ron MacLean (Hockey Night In Canada)

Sean Dean (The Sadies)

Sarah Harmer

Tyler Armes (Down With Webster)

Tyler Stewart (Barenaked Ladies)

Vince Fontaine (Eagle & Hawk)