I Know

Sunset near Gander, Newfoundland

I Know

Somehow I know but can't discern
how I felt this premonition
perhaps the mystery lies somewhere
in my well honed intuition

I sensed and felt excited vibes
like contrails left behind
when you flew to that diversion
I could read the subtle signs

Adrenalin's a heady drug
that offers sweet forget
I know too well those selfish needs
that I know you'll soon regret

I sensed anticipation
in your each and every move
and I felt anothers fantasy
that they had won your love

I felt the crash that followed
after your dream escape was through
but know you'll seek another thrill
because it's what you need to do

I know what you were thinking
as you practiced your deceit
that you're entitled to this lie
this well earned last retreat

Somehow I knew where you were
and how another heart will break
when your ship of heartache sails away
and leaves teardrops in its wake

But I'm still the one who cheers for you
because I see your soul
I judge not what you say or do
I love instead the whole

I know not how I know these things
it's been a mystery from the start
but I'll always understand you
and I'll be here to ease your heart.

"Don't be in love, be love."
Carolyn R. Parsons


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What a beautiful article.
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Greetings From California

Take care and have a great week :-)