How to be Supermom! Never Say Never!

A younger Justin Bieber busking on the steps of the Avon Theatre in Stratford, Ontario.

Never Say Never!

If you want to make two little  girls supremely happy, take them to the Justin Bieber, Never Say Never Movie.  Then if you want to be Supermom, drive them around to take photos of all the places in the town where Bieber is from, a town that they know as well as JB does and voila, happy girls and instant SUPERMOM!  Yep, that's me.  I'm gonna get a big crest for my chest with a HUGE S on it....a really huge one!

Yep, that's what we did tonight and it was tons of fun. 

I have to admit, I cried several times.  See there was this local kid on you tube one day.  My daughter, who is Justin's age played it for me.  They were face book friends.  He knows Usher, she said, with awe.  I was awed too because he was amazing.  I thought, this kid could make it big in a few years, when he grows up.  But he didn't wait.  Full speed ahead, a year later he was making albums and selling out huge shows.  It moved me.

I also laughed quite a few times.  Kid has got the funny.  He is pretty silly but in a clever way too.  His comic timing is often as clever as his timing on the drums at two..yeah TWO!

And the kids loved it.  Martina rocked out, singing all the words while Sophia told me it was more like a documentary than a movie but that she really liked that it was real.  Then they got to the Stratford parts.

I don't think that it really hit them until then, that Justin Bieber is one of them.  OMG that's Alyssa and Christie's school!  Mom, that's our Pizza Pizza!  Wait..isn't that where we saw Peter Pan?(yes, you and Tom and Katie and Suri Cruise), Justin used to sing there?  Wow!  And so, it goes, on and on.  The river where you dragon boat!  The Y?  Wow! We should go there again! (because you know that's where the Biebs worked on his abs and stuff!) 

Yes.  That brought it home and it also opened up a wonderful discussion.  I said to them, see that?  A regular,  normal kid.  Single mom.  Grandma and Grandpa.  He used to live next door to your soon-to-be brother in law and his family.  (and we're told he was really a well behaved young man and stopped playing his drums at a reasonable hour).

A regular kid from Stratford, who made his dream came true.  This is a reason to get the boys watching this too because, he's a great role model for teaching that lesson to young men.  And as I watched him I saw something in him and around him that is kind of rare.  Nobody seems to have told this kid it couldn't be done.  Or at least nobody who mattered.  Or perhaps they did and he didn't believe them.  Whatever, it's the way it should be to make dreams come true.  So I told my girls that.  That if he can do great things, follow his dreams, do the thing he loves and be happy and successful there is absolutely no reason why they can't. They're from Bieberville after all!

So we're all sick here!  It's just terrible.  Mostly it's a temperature.  Yes,  we have Bieber fever!  Yes, we've all come down with it, Oh Baby, Baby, Baby!

It's not so bad.  I mean, now that JB is in our lives, there is way more than One Less Lonely Girl which is good right?  And well, if you smile we'll all get better because, You Smile, I Smile, it's that simple.

It's terrible and I don't think it's going away, but of course, Never Say Never!

Go see the movie with your kids.  Good clean fun with a moral.  Work ethic, green shakes from Usher and tons of fun at the same time.  Kind of rare these days.  Pictures of the excursion below! It was raining, great on the curly hair, not so great for pictures at night!

Avon Theatre where we saw Peter Pan

Step of Avon Theatre where Justin Bieber used to busk! The little girl in the movie was priceless!

Blurry picture of the Pizza Pizza in the movie. My daughter's boyfriend lives in an apartment over it.

Always Follow Your Dreams, No Matter What!

My Daughters' and Justin Bieber's High School