Happy Birthday Dad. We Miss You.

My brother Derek and Dad in much earlier years!

Your Birthday

The starlit skies smiled brighter
in celebration of your birth
and the brightness of the sun increased
and further warmed this earth

The sky was bluer than before
the ocean matched its hue
the sea birds sang in harmony
and the angels joined on cue

That day was better than each day
than had ever before passed
and continued from that moment
until you breathed your last

Your time upon this earth was spent
forever turning happy pages
you gave brilliant insights into life
while imparting wisdom from the ages

Your timely wit was honed on us
and your love was never hidden
your gentle smile still comforts us
as you bestow it from your heaven

Forgive these sad and lonely eyes
and the tears that sometimes fall
you just left us here far too soon
and we're just missing you is all.

This day is etched upon the sky
marking the time and space
of your moments spent upon this earth
making it a better place

You're the beacon that still lights our way
you're every promise that we've sworn
we all walk a better path today
because it's the day that you were born

I am exactly who I am because you were exactly who you were and I thank you dad.
Carolyn R. Parsons