Come be My Friend!

I don't bite (unless you ask nicely)

Come be my Friend!  I mean it!  I need friends.  I'm a nice girl.  OK..I'm a little bad.  Naughty is the word maybe but all in good fun and sport.  And I'm very lonely for some new friends.  Nope, I can't lie.  I am not lonely at all and I have tons of friends.  I'm just greedy.  I want MORE!!

So add me on Face Book, both on my personal page and my book page!  On the regular friend page I often have regular Friday Night YouTube gatherings if I'm not off on an one this Friday night that I'll be updating you about on there!! 

I'm also starting some exciting new projects soon.  Radio interviews, publishing a poetry book and it's all a big fun ride!

It's always fun and and anything goes!  I also invite friends to help me name the characters in my novels and sometimes the places because naming is very difficult.  And  if you have a cool name I may even use yours! 

Mostly though, we just joke and laugh and enjoy life.  The thing is I discovered the meaning of life. The purpose.  The reason we are here on this planet.  And it's to have fun and enjoy it!  It's to feel good.  So come be my friend and find drama free fun!

Join me also on the Fan page and read updates on the progress of book two in the series of Secrets of Rare Moon Tickle series!  My adventures in writing and with writers is also available on the fan page!

And recently I've started regularly tweeting on Twitter!  I've got some great followers and I'd like for you to be one of them and I promise I'll follow you back! 

So add me!  You can delete me, unfriend me, block me if I get out of hand so what do you have to lose?

Face for Carolyn R. Parsons
The Fan Page is The Secrets of Rare Moon Tickle(see side bar of this blog)
Twitter I am @carolynrparsons

And please let me know you added me from here so we can chat!

Life is for being alive and enjoying every moment until the last one!
Carolyn R. Parsons