Bucket list from a beer soaked night!

I wanted a red bucket...red buckets go faster!
 I had a few beverages tonight while I watched the game with a couple of the guys.   Had a party, had a little fun.  I'm good at fun you know!  And me and my friends got on the topic of a Bucket List.   Mine is getting checked off quite nicely so I thought, for giggles and rum and cokes I'd make a new one.  It's a silly and somewhat wild one.  Beer induced and totally fun.  Enjoy!
1.  I want to share an oversized embryo with Lady Gaga and wear my tofu dress when she wears her meat dress!
2.  I want to ruffle Justin Bieber's hair and call him little man.
3.  I want to ride on a Harley with Bob Seger while  playing Josh Groban tunes because that's just silly.
4.  I want to trash a hotel room with Charlie Sheen and watch porn with the porn girls and discuss the merits of real vs silicone.  Then I want a cat fight with Charlie as referee!
5.  I want to share an embryo with Charlie Sheen and have him call me Goddess...sorry Gaga.you're out.
6.  I want to trash a hotel room with Robert Downey Jr.(you see a theme here yet..yeah..I like the bad boys!)
7.  I want to drink a lot of beer with the pope.  At the Vatican.  In robes and I want to wear his hat! Then I want to wrestle the popemobile keys from him because drinking and driving is bad even for the descendant of St. Peter!
8.  I want to sell the pope's hat on ebay.  Buy it now price, $1.99 Canadian(which is better than US now..neener neener) Paypal only, ships anywhere but that one hotel room that I trashed that night with Charlie and Robert Downey Jr.
9.  I want to skate with Bobby Orr...oh wait..that one is real.
10.  I wanta rock and roll all night..and party every day...I pretty much do this but the opposite!
11.  I want to dance in a red bra in the audience of a rock video..oh wait..that one is real too.
12.  I want to have Jim Cuddy's love child...damn...I'm having trouble distinguishing reality from fantasy tonight!  Too much beer maybe.
13.  I need more beer.
14.  I have more beer.  Where was I again?
15.  I want to write a blog post that is a silly bucket list!
16.  I want to make phone calls and run!
17.  I want to ring doorbells and hang up!
19.  I want to read the Bible backwards to see if it's like playing a Beatle's album backwards(that's freaky dude..seriously)
20.  I want to write a blog post that is a silly bucket list! (what's with the de je vu?)
I am not drunk.  I'm clean.  Sober.  Ask around.  Ask Charlie Sheen!
 Enjoy your effin life~orders from the Queen of the World!!


Debbie said…
lol!! Great bucket post!!
Charmine's Hope said…
Too funny, I love it!