Who am I? A Meme.



I am warmth and joy and life.  I am eager and curious and caring.  I battle within myself to do the right thing and to hurt the least number of people.  I am constantly failing, forgetting someone I should have thought of but I care and I feel remorse and when I'm wrong I will ask forgiveness.

I am patient but imperfectly so.

I am strength and emotion and joy.  I breath the air and appreciate every breath. When I love,  I say I love and I never ask for a reply to that statement.  I would rather love than be loved.

I am sacrifice without martyrdom.  I will die for those I love but I will not live for them only.  I believe I count too.

 I believe in free will and I will allow you to have your successes without envy and make your mistakes without judgement. 

I never give up on people.  I give them their space, I allow them their lives but I never say goodbye.  I remember those who treat me kindly and reward that kindness.  I remember those that treat me less than kind and I am  not bothered.  I love them all.

I am inattentive and distraction and movement.  I am meditation and quiet and silence.  I use each of these to balance the other. 

I am daydreams and imagination and creation.

I am trust and more trust and once bitten, I'm still not shy.  I deal, I don't run.  I am bravery and do not hide my head in the sand.

I love the way I love and I love that I don't hate.  I rarely even dislike and if I do, it's brief.

I am poetry and music and loves stories and even horror stories.  But in the horror, I still find the love.

I am female and in another life I was never a man.  I am all pink bubbles and femininity and feminism.  I am happy I am that.

I am a contradiction.  A pacifist who cheers the fights in hockey.  A hockey lover who is glad her girls aren't interested yet because hockey moms have to get up too early.

I am adventure and impulse and sunshine and sand and hula hoops.

I am flowers and trees and people and animals.  I am cat more than dog. 

I am big cities with the nooks and crannies and skyscrapers. 
I am port cities with their ships sailing in and out and their harbours open to the world I long to explore.

I am touch and my fingers have a memory.  I am details and the big picture.  I live in the big picture and love in the details.

I am the countryside and the mountains and most of all the ocean.

I am depth and I am knowing.

I am spirit

I am human

I am real.

I am magic.