Tigers and Lions, Oh My!

My grandson Dante with Magic

First tigers.  Now lions.  I love cats, they are my favourite animal.  I have a miniature version. He was born on the full moon in October and dropped at the Humane Society on the full moon of the winter solstice in December.  We had to bring him home and he had to be named Magic. 

Oh, but I adore the big cats, particularly lions.  I cried the first time I saw one.  I cried the day I held a lion cub.  They are special creatures.  I've never understood why lions specifically but perhaps I see something in them like what is in the video.  Powerful, beautiful, fiercely independent, ofttimes ruthless, yet capable of complete and transcendent love!  You know...like people.

This is one of the most emotionally moving and beautiful videos I've ever seen.  We should be more like the animals of our world, love without discrimination and rules and regulations.  Love unconditional.  Enjoy.