The Tart and the Hussy are Living on a Prayer!

Tart and Hussy at Bon Jovi Live!

And so...Toronto got hit again by the tart and the hussy!  Yep.  Quite the night we had.

It all started on Sunday while I was vacuuming. ( I told you no good can come of housework!) and I thought, I want to go to Bon Jovi in Toronto tomorrow night.  And so I decided I would.  I ran some errands and came back and posted to my face book that I was looking for a ticket.  I was scoffed at. No tickets. Pretty impossible.  You'll pay a fortune.  I thought, "nope, I'm going."

I didn't need good seats..I just needed a seat.  So I went online and there were some available.  Most were outrageously expensive but there were two tickets, up high, kind of behind the action for less than fifty bucks!  I was thrilled.  I want to hear the music, be there, experience it.  I love Bon Jovi and word is they're taking extended time off from touring. This was my last chance.

So I ordered, got the email, printed them and there ya go...hello Jon and happy Valentine's Day to me!

Now to find a date! I needed a hussy because, well, hussies are just more fun!  Lauren(the hussy) was almost instant in her, "oh yeah!" text back to me.

So yesterday, I had a date with Jon Bon Jovi for Valentine's Day.  Just me and Lauren and Jon and thirty thousand or so of our dearest friends.  It was amazing!

Being towards the back of the stage has certain perks.  There are millions of pictures of Jon's smiling face but not so many of his bum.  I watched Bon Jovi bum all night!  It's a nice one. I like nice men's bums. Have I ever mentioned that?

 The big screens were right in front of us but didn't block our view of the action.  There was a huge oval catwalk around the stage and another stage to the back. When he was there he was closest to us. 

So they made me scream, a lot.  They made me cry more than I most would.  Certain Bon Jovi songs transport me to different times and places and make me think of special people.  I love that music does that.  Sometimes I hate that it does that as well.   Music always makes me emotional which isn't difficult.  My emotions are always at the surface.  It's the way I roll.  It's not as though I am an emotional mess all the time.  I am just very in tune with them.  I see no shame in crying when moved or sad or laughing when happy.  I see no reason to not admit love when you feel it.  I actually like that about myself and wonder why so many people shy away from their feelings. 

OK..I digress.

Jon Bon Jovi is HOT.   At 48 he is more attractive than ever, his energy is endless and his voice did not waver once during the entire performance.  And he has to play again tonight.  He played up the Valentine's thing and he wore a red shirt for one part of the show which was great because then he matched me!  All around the stage in lights were the words Bon Jovi Loves Toronto.  I too love Toronto.  I only wish they had a NHL hockey team.  Sigh.

So in honour of Valentine's Day I took along two copies of my book and looked for  people to give them to.  I thought, since it's Valentine's day perhaps giving away a love story would be appropriate.  So I watched all night and noticed two young women in the row behind us and one immediately to the left. 

Both seemed genuinely thrilled to get a copy and one of them let me take her picture.  I didn't think to get her name but she was quite happy. 

I'm tired today.  But it's a happy and content tired.  It was a nice break from every day life and  it was BON JOVI!  Squeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

My voice hurts even if Jon's is strong and sweet still today.

Here are a few not so great shots taken with my phone.  Enjoy!

And of course..a little Musical interlude.

3 Jon Bon Jovis on the big screens

I gave a copy of my book to this young woman..she looks happy!

Right below us..the cheap seats were amazing!