Sunflower Serendipity!

I"m seeing sunflowers.  No, I don't have a drug problem.  I'm not hallucinating.  Cancel the intervention.  It's just that In the past week I have seen pictures of sunflowers, actual sunflowers('s February in Canada),  found a package of sunflower seeds, had emails about sunflowers , discovered Michael Jackson loved sunflowers, and it seems, everywhere I look, there they are!  It got a little creepy when I started reading a Stephen King book, Bag of Bones, and low and behold, there is an important sunflower reference.  I don't know what it means yet, in the book, but it's Stephen King.  It means something.

To back up a little, these sort of serendipitous coincidences happen to me a lot.  I think of someone and see their first name or something that represents them.  But then I know.  It makes sense, it's like a reinforcement that my thoughts are representative of my reality.  Or something like that. Yes it can be freaky.  I do a meditation sometimes when someone else is driving and twice I've looked up to see something that represents whatever I was focused on.  That was really wild.

But this sort of random thing kind of has me stumped.  So I looked up the meaning of sunflowers. I found adoration and loyalty.  That's kind of nice  Somebody adores me? That's sweet.  I adore somebody?  Absolutely.  I'm loyal?  To a fault.  People are loyal to me?  I certainly hope so.

Then I found a wonderful website at Angel fire that tells of a water nymph who falls in love with Apollo, the sun God.  He rejects her and she is sad.  So the other Gods take pity on her and turn her into a now she can follow the sun God forever.  Soo romantic....NOT! 

Sounds like a punishment to me.  Imagine..glued in one spot forever staring at some dude...yikes...I mean I know Apollo is hot(he's the sun God...that was a pun) but seriously...couldn't a cute little water nymph bag her some Aries or some Dionysus(the God of PARTIES!!!) or perhaps Poseidon...God of the Sea..they have water in common after all.  Poor nymph.  And her name was Clytie..yeah...sound a lot like...anyway...she needs to be free...just sayin'

Of course that does show the loyalty and adoration aspect of the sunflower I guess. 

Then the Chinese meaning is longevity.  I like this one.  Some other characteristics are warmth, nourishment and some negative meanings are haughtiness, false appearances and unhappy love. I'm just confused again.

So..what does this all mean?  Perhaps something important and perhaps nothing.  Still I think the frequency of the appearance of sunflowers in this past week is of some sort of symbolic value to me.  It feels like a good thing.  It feels happy and warm.  I feel like something big and good is coming and it's a surprise and I'll know it when I see it.  I hope I'm right.

But perhaps it's a reminder that this cold winter will pass and I will be warm again(because I've been freezin' my arse off since December!) and that spring will come soon. 

Whatever it is I look forward to it. Bring on the sunflowers!