The Secrets of Rare Moon Tickle; That Heart~Synopsis

photo credit;  Tenisha Saunders

Photo Credit: Tenisha Saunders

I have finally written enough to have a clear vision of what this story will be about.  Here is a brief synopsis that will likely be perfected over the next few months..but you'll get the idea.

The Secrets of Rare Moon Tickle; That Heart follows the love story of Richard Green and Jenny Gillespie.  Richard is running away from home and Jenny is seeking to create one.   They seem perfect for each other. Their sparks heat the marshy fields between the cliffs and crags surrounding New Moon Tickle.  It seems perfect.  It would be perfect.  Except for the secrets.   The story unfolds amidst the tragedy of those who had loved secretly in those same hills 30  years before.  Will their love survive the revealing of the deceits held by the lovers themselves?  Will it navigate the truths finally told by their predecessors Dovey LaBoeuf and Clark Green?

You can taste the salt air on your tongue and feel the harsh Atlantic wind against your skin as you are transported to Rare Moon Tickle once more.  The sound of the seagull screams and the distant breech of humpbacks will be as real to you as these new characters.  Prepare to fall in love all over with the people and the place in The Secrets of Rare Moon Tickle;  That Heart.