Random Fun Stuff!

Remember the entire flying a plane thing that was supposed to happen April 10? Well the date is now April 3 and the odd thing is, while I was on the phone making the appointment with the flight instructor,  my friend Alma posted this video!  I love it! 

And since I LOVE Pink Floyd and coincidentally Alma is flying into Canada tonight and this weekend I am spending it with her and another friend of mine, we've decided that we're going to go to Karaoke and sing Pink Floyd songs!

I can't sing.  But I can wine. Which makes me believe I can.  So therefore I will sing and not know any better.

And my friends..omg!  OK..I think you all know I like to have fun.  Well picture three of me.   Yep.  She's goin' up!  It's going to be a blast!  We will get loud. We will dance.  We may get rowdy.  We might need bail...I got your number!

So an Irish woman, a Mexican woman and a Newfoundland woman walk into a karaoke bar...

update on Sunday night!



Debbie said…
I love that you are making your dream happen!! YOU GO GIRL!!! I shall cheer you from the ground!!:)