Moon Love!

So Friday was the full moon.  It is thought that people get a little horny amorous during the full moon.  Not me off course.  I'm not like that.  I'm hot innocent and spicy sweet and wild demure.

So my friend was writing a rather hot lovely and suggestive moving poem about this phenomenon and I jokingly called it moon porn love.  Then I decided to get in on the action myself(moon poetry writing, not the other) and invited another poet friend to try her hand (now now gutter brain...tsk tsk) at it as well.

I was feeling very somewhat horny inspired so I started in. (On the poem sewer mind!).

I hope you feel inspired too.

Moon Lust

I am the star lit sky's flaming desire
I lie restless in my milky way's boudoir
I hold the heat of a million suns' hot fire
and cannot await my Love's arrival from afar

I dream of Ursa Major for the first dance
then taste the north star's flavour with my lips
I soon dance atop Orion's accurate lance
then make the Phoenix rise with my fingertips

So I pull the archer's bow with tender fingers
I aim the arrow for sweet Virgo chaste
I wrestle Aries while the battle lingers
and win the war while Mars kisses my face

Then I hurry back before the moon gets higher
and full in its celestial bodied lust
I am the starry sky's flaming desire
and it's my lunar lover I am craving most.



Anonymous said…
Lovely, simply lovely. From Eve Beltane