House Work and Axl~that's where it's at!

I love writing but it is so easy to get bogged down and blocked.  Last night I was in bed working through a chapter idea but the problem is that, while it works, and it's a good chapter, I have no idea where it belongs.  I wish the stories and chapters would come to me in order but they seldom do.  My brain just doesn't work that way.  I wrote the final chapter of my last book very early on. 

So today I was stuck.  I talked to friends, played on face book, played some music..finally I decided it wasn't happening and put the music on, cranked some Guns and Roses and started to mop the kitchen floor.  And somewhere between Sweet Child o' Mine and November Rain inspiration hit.  It took every ounce of my energy to finish the floors. 

I know most people wouldn't think that domestic chores and loud rock music would lead to literary inspiration but it does. (please don't let this get could lead to all sorts of expectations because I've been using writing as an excuse NOT to do housework so shhhhh please)

Have you ever listened to November Rain by Guns and Roses?  I spent a lot of time listening to it in, well, November and it meant a lot at that time.  The lyrics suited my mood.  Now, with that mood lifted, the song took on a different meaning...instead of reflecting my melancholy it gave me a sense of having overcome it and it gave me the key to unlocking the creative safe that held the idea, the scene, the chapter that is unfolding on the page now.  It's not completed but it's gonna be a rockin'(pun intended) chapter and vital to the book.  And it makes the next one fit!

So thanks to Guns and Roses and my organic, non-chemical floor cleaner for all you do.   It's obvious that you just have to live life to write about life.  Even the mundane stuff. And you have to love life to write about love.

And of course..for your listening pleasure..some and Axl and the boys!