Family Day: Some musings.

Veggie lasagna, Salad and Garlic Bread with Shiraz!

Some recent health issues have forced me to cut back on quite a few of my activities but what's come out of that is even more time to spend on the things I like to do.  Today is a statutory holiday in Ontario called family day!  So we had a lovely dinner yesterday at my daughter's house to celebrate, Sunday being a more convenient day for everybody.  I made two kinds of lasagna(I'm a damned fine cook in case you didn't know) and brought wine and she provided salad, garlic bread and dessert.  I enjoyed a glass of my favourite Shiraz and watched the Heritage Classic Hockey game as the big people chatted and the little girls play with their nephew, my grandson Dante.  It was a relaxing day with the work spread over time and divided between everybody. 

Not being able to be as active as I like to be has also given rise to more writing time.  I'm home more so I write more.  I'm also reading more as well. And while it's limiting not to be able to have the energy to do what you want to do.   I reached the ten thousand word mark of my novel, a huge milestone and one that makes me very confident I'll be looking at a completed first draft by May.

As my energy returns I'm adding more and more activity but I think some of the things I used to do will have to remain permanently out of my life.  And I'm OK with that. Life is full of letting go and starting anew.  Learning what's important and what needs to slide by the wayside and become a memory.

As I move forward towards the next big adventure, moving back home to Newfoundland, I find myself slowly releasing and changing my life here as though I'm breaking the ties to this place, one by one and if I hold on to them too long, life breaks them for me.

The only exception to that are the people. I keep them forever.  All I love I will always love and that never changes.  As I move forward trying to balance the happiness of my family with my own I'm reminded that the heart loves who the heart loves and that distance and time will never change that no matter  how far apart people are geographically from each other.