Egypt; Out of the Dark Comes the Light

Photo Credit:  Maryam Ishani~Reuters

Christians protecting Muslims during their prayers in Tahrir yesterday. Their turn to repay the favor after Muslims turned up to protect Coptic churches on their Christmas Mass after the Alexandria bombing. In the darkness, we find the meaning of light

It is a revolution.  The people of Egypt are not simply protesting their government no matter how much western media would like to sugar coat what is happening there.  They are attempting to, with good reason I believe, oust the government.

I am a pacifist.  I do not believe in war.  But I do believe in taking a stand and I am squarely on the side of the people in this situation.  This government is corrupt and the people are tired of it.

The government is responding by shutting the Internet down and leaving the people with no means of communicating and organising.  Yet they still are.  The are finding ways.  Blogs go up, they get taken down and new blogs take their place.  People are risking their lives to tell the world what is going on and the death toll is mounting.  It's a scary situation.

They are plunging the people into darkness, into a place void of light, information, communication and outside influence.  They are attempting to control them to protect the power of one human who decided he should rule all the others in the country by force.  He refuses to step down.  The people insist he does.

I have been following the story daily.   I haven't felt inclined to write about it.  Until today.

What changed today?  The above picture came through my face book news feed.

It is a group of Christians protecting a group of Muslims at prayer.  It is repayment for the Muslim protection of Coptic churches during the Christian mass after the Alexander bombing. 

This is not a picture of war.  This is a photograph of peace.  This is where the strength lies in this fight.   In compassion, in unity, in love.

They are standing together against the government.  This is not a religious fight.  This is all of the people uniting under the common cause.  Because underneath it all, beyond the dogma and rules and differences, we are all simply humans.  We are all alike.  And we are all good.  And we all want and deserve to be free.

This picture moved me to tears. 

This is how the world should be.  This is what it should always look like.  This is how it would be if my dreams came true. 

My heart is in Egypt with the people.   The world is watching and you will be out of the dark soon.  Keep strong, stay united and freedom will be yours.