That Heart; The Secrets of Rare Moon Tickle

No, the book isn't finished but it's in process.  I will be a resident of Newfoundland by the time this one is ready to hit the press.  What I did, though, just for fun, was make a mock up using a simple program I have.  I'm not sure what the cover will look like when the book is finished and after real graphic artist get hold of it but I thought it might be fun to have a visual! 

Here is a little excerpt from the writing I did today.

Dovey waited at the top of Lookout Point. Thrum, woosh, thrum, woosh-the ocean crashed and receded, crashed and receded, a bass drum rhythm accompanied but the seagulls’ song. She inhaled deeply, the fresh salty air heightening her senses, making the blue sky bluer and the ocean an even deeper hue of topaz.  In a moment he would be here.


Unknown said…
It's perfect motivation - and total fun - to see what a WIP will look like when it's complete.

LOVE the cover photo, and perfect font for "That Heart". I'm a font freak, ya know! ;)

Good luck while you work at your craft, Carolyn!