Starving Artist, Happy Artist.

I spent the entire day yesterday writing.  I blogged, I wrote a chapter and a half of my novel.  I posted an excerpt from the new book on my blog as well.  I created!  I did little else. I was on Face book asking what the name of the little gadget above is.(spreader was the word I was looking for but I also heard divider, tightener, separator.  Thank you everybody for your input!) because my two main characters meet while she's trying to untangle the clothes line. 

 I forgot to eat but remembered to feed my child.(I did, ask her!) I did make myself some food,  but it sat beside me and got cold.  This happens a lot when I write.  I cried twice because I pour all of my emotions into my writing and often times I bring my own sadness to the work.  I also smiled a lot because writing makes me happy.

For a writer, a good day in the process leaves you feeling amazing.  You feel satisfied and happy and content.  Kind of like the afterglow after some good sex.  (Okay writing isn't as good as sex, but it's kinda, sorta similar afterwards is all I'm saying).

Now today I go to work.  See, writing doesn't pay well.  I want to do what I did yesterday, every single day but unless you're a Stephen King or a Danielle Steele, you're a starving artist.  There are a whole lot of  pieces to the pie that must be divided up before the writer gets a share.  I'm new.  So I'm poor.

I don't mind working.  It will feed the family.  It will subsidise my writing and it gets me out of the house.  But oh what I wouldn't give to hit the big time just for the ability to live every day as I lived yesterday(but with a maid!) because I know that, between living life, taking care of three children full time, keeping the house relatively clean, cooking, baking and taking care of my grandson when I can, my volunteer work and my part time job, days like yesterday will be rare.

Off I go now, to do some filing, sort some papers, and earn my keep.  I am deeply grateful for the job I have, so many are out of work, but my heart is in a little Microsoft word file on my little laptop named Red (yes I named my laptop Red and my Blackberry Pink thankyouverymuch) entitled The Secrets of Rare Moon Tickle II~That Heart.

Have a lovely day everybody.  I send you good magic and much love.

PS.  It would really help if you bought the book~wink wink.