No I didn't win the lottery.  I am just excited.  Sometimes the smallest thing is the biggest gift.

I was having a telephone conversation, talking about my day, and then started talking about tomorrow.  It dawned on me that, for the first time in over a month, I have day with absolutely nothing scheduled! 


Which means I get to do whatever I want.  And what do I want to do?  No, what I need to do more than anything on earth, is to write.  I'm going to sit and write Fiction.  Yep I'm going to play all day, make up imaginary people and put them in imaginary places and see what happens.  It may be absolute crap.  I may be completely uninspired and write utter drivel but I am not going to give a crap about the outcome.  I'm just going to write.

I cannot wait.  I am determined to put a huge dent into my novel.  I'm determined to write something. A lot of something. Or maybe a lot of nothing.  I know that I'm most determined to let some of the ideas that have been cluttering up my brain, out.(yes, terrible sentence, I know, I know)

I am so excited.  I have not written a word of fiction since early December.  I am going to dive in, forget to eat, consume copious amounts of coffee and be required to set an alarm to remember to pick up the kiddies at school on time.  I may or may not get dressed.  My pretty pink and white polka dot pj's the kids gave me for Christmas are perfectly appropriate for a couple trips to school.  I'm not getting out of the car after all.

So here we go!   Less face book, down with house work, bring on the muse, just the way I like it! 

If all goes well I'll see you in the spring!



Debbie said…
Hope your day of writing was is that you hope! Sounds perfect!!